Argentina Dove Hunting Season


Argentina Dove Hunting Season

During Argentina dove hunting season over the course of many years, Cordoba has established a reputation of being the best location in the world for hunting doves. Everyone that visits Cordoba is amazed at the sheer numbers and flock sizes for high-volume Dove Shooting; as well as the fact that there are no shooting limitations imposed by the State and Local Authorities during the season.

The Lodge

The Lodge is located 15 minutes from the Macha roost, which is the largest dove roost in Cordoba. Over ten years ago, the dove population in Macha was estimated to be over 20 million and that number keeps increasing year over year. While guest hunters come from far and wide to experience the high-volume Argentina Dove Hunting Season we have, many of them also come for the challenge of shooting our fast and high altitude flying birds.

The variety of dove hunting we offer at Sierra Brava is ideal, with 53 fields covering over 160,000 exclusive acres of for our guests dove hunting pleasure. During the months of March to May (Argentina Dove Hunting Season) each year, the lodge has access to the best dove hunting fields in Cordoba. Our personal relationships with the local property owners guarantee our guests exclusive access to these flatland fields where the dove concentration is nothing less than incredible!

Sierra Brava Lodge the finest destination

When it comes to Argentina Dove Hunting Season, it is often said that you have to see it to believe it. Until you’ve experienced the real high-volume that we have to offer, it is impossible to fully comprehend. The sheer volume of birds can be both dizzying and awe-inspiring at the same time for first time visitors. With an estimated dove population topping over 50 million, with no bag limits and an open year-round, Cordoba is the world’s most exclusive and revered dove hunt destination.


The Cordoba golden eared dove reproduces 5 to 6 times per year with 2 to 3 eggs per nest...



This flock of doves seems to be homing in on a farmers crop that they are about to feed on...



We have the fastest loading bird boys in all of Cordoba, which really helps bag numbers...



Throughout Argentina Dove Hunting Season, an alternative to the dove hunting we have to offer is pigeon hunting. Cordoba also serves as high quality pigeon hunting grounds. Although pigeons are not as abundant in Cordoba during season, as in Paraguay or in Salta, Argentina hunters are still usually quite easily able to reach the 100 pigeon daily bag limits. Some of the outfitters in Cordoba offer 3-day pigeon hunting packages, but since we focus on high-volume shooting, and pigeons don’t exactly fit this bill, throughout Argentina Dove Hunting Season, we generally offer pigeon hunting as an extra afternoon add-on.
Pigeon hunting here in Cordoba is generally conducted in the Cruz del Eje area, which is located approximately 1 hour north of our lodge. During the season, many farmers beg us to come shoot on their alfalfa fields since the pigeons can often destroy up to 40% of their crop. The best pigeon hunting is done in the afternoon and the self-imposed daily bag limit is 100 pigeons.

The best months to hunt pigeons in Cordoba are May to November since those are the feeding months where the birds flock to the alfalfa fields. We are also able to organize pigeon hunts in February, March and April, but it is more difficult during those months because we have to map out the birds flyways, which vary from day to day. There is no pigeon hunting in Cordoba from December to January each year.

The additional charge per hunter to attend a pigeon hunt is $230.00 USD.


Here we can see flocks of doves moving from one field to another in search of unharvested crops...



Once the birds have located an unharvested field, it becomes a massive feeding frenzy...



On a beautiful spring afternoon, we can see flocks of doves cruising the crop fields...


Come visit us at Sierra Brava Lodge and see for yourself why everyone says we have the best high-volume dove hunting in the world!