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Firearms – Renting vs. Bringing Your Own

Dove hunting in Cordoba, Argentina means ultra high-volume shooting. It takes the right gear and the right gun to handle the extreme shooting conditions. One of the most common dilemmas people have is whether they should bring their own shotguns or rent a gun at the lodge. In most cases we would recommend renting, but there are a couple of exceptions. Here are some common questions and important things to consider…

Can I bring my own guns to Argentina?
* When it comes to traveling with firearms there are some restrictions, and also airline policies can change from time to time. It is important to check with them directly before planning to bring your own guns to Argentina. * Specific gun-entry paperwork must be completed accurately and submitted to the lodge in advance of your trip. * The Argentina government charges a gun entry fee of 1000 Pesos per gun. Depending on the daily fluctuating exchange rate, this converts to approximately $120 per gun.
Which shotguns work best for dove hunting in Argentina?
* The most common (and comfortable) gun for dove shooting in Cordoba is a semi-auto 20 gauge. In general, the preferred models for the high-volume shooting conditions are the 20 gauge Beretta 390 and 391, although comparable models work well too.
Why rent guns?
* Sierra Brava maintains a terrific selection of 20 gauge semi-autos as well as a smaller selection of 28 gauge over/unders. The rental guns are cleaned each night by the Sierra Brava staff for optimum performance in the field. * Remember - in one day of dove hunting in Cordoba a shotgun could cycle through several thousand shells. This is a lot of wear and tear on a gun... renting our guns can extend the life of yours. * Renting makes the travel experience quicker and easier.
Why bring my own guns?
* Our guns fit most adults, but smaller women and children may want to bring their own custom-fit guns. * Left-handed shotguns are very difficult to find in Argentina. If you'd like to shoot a left-handed semi-auto, we recommend bringing your own.

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