Argentina Dove Hunting

Dove Hunt in Argentina- A dream come true!

I placed an Argentina dove hunt on my wish list many years ago.  Two years ago my wish became a reality when I saw an advertisement for Sierra Brava at DSC show, Texas.  I elected to give them a try and stopped by their booth.  They answered the many questions I had about hunting and convinced me to book a trip for our group of six hunters.  They did all possible to ensure we were going to have a great hunt. The staff was friendly and efficient.  Surprises are not welcome 6,000 miles from home.  Time passed quickly and after several calls and e-mails, we were finally ready to board our plane. 

 A-dream-come-true Dove Hunt in Argentina.

As soon as we landed, we met JJ Sala, manager partner of Sierra Brava Lodge, at Cordoba Airport.  I knew immediately we had made a new friend.  JJ is a cheerful and very efficient person. 

The ride to the lodge was less than an hour and a half.  We were welcomed by the entire staff at the lodge; bird boys, housekeepers, chefs, scouts, and Topo.  The lodge was spotless, comfortable and the staff stopped just short of patronizing us in trying to be helpful.  Every request, whether it was laundry service, historical questions or hunting information was welcomed with a smile by our new friends at the lodge. A full lunch followed shortly and then it was time to hunt.

After a short drive, we were in the hills trying to keep up with our bird boys as they led us along narrow, machete chopped trails to our individual shooting spots.  Two and a half hours, 36 boxes of shells and 759 doves later I called it an afternoon.  The evening meal was generous portions of fine Argentine beef with all the trimmings.  The Sierra Brava staff served lunches in the field under a canopy and spared no effort: appetizers and a delicious meal from Topo’s grill, coffee, and dessert. The remainder of our hunt was a carbon copy of our first experience at Sierra Brava.  Our group harvested almost 16,000 doves during our three-day hunt!

We have just returned from our second trip to Sierra Brava.  We boosted our harvest numbers from last year by over two thousand; seemed to gain more pounds from the fabulous food and made some new friends at the Sierra Brava Lodge. 

Thanks to Sierra Brava Team our group doesn´t need to look farther than JJ, Topo and the Sierra Brava Lodge for future hunts!


Fort Worth, Tx

Come visit us at Sierra Brava Lodge and see for yourself why everyone says we have the best high-volume dove hunting in the world!

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