Argentina Dove Hunting

Dove Hunting Checklist

Your trip is getting around the corner and we are so excited about it! Below, you will find a checklist that may help you with packing. Are you ready for the trip of your lifetime?


  • Dark colored, or camouflage hunting clothes and hats.
  • Wool sweaters, long sleeve cotton shirts, and polar fleece zip‐up tops especially during our winter from June to August. Layering is important. Depending on the time of year it can be 40F and windy in the morning, then end up in the high 70’s and calm winds by the afternoon. Wool socks are sometimes also useful.
  • Lightweight rain suit and waterproof hat from November to March. You won’t need it unless you don’t bring it.
  • Shoes: Lightweight or ankle‐height is all you need. Many shooters even wear sneakers. Snake boots are recommended from November to March.
  • Comfortable clothes for relaxing around the lodge (jeans, tennis shoes, etc). Shooting glasses, sunglasses, 30spf sunscreen or stronger, and ChapStick.
  • Recoil reduction equipment: shoulder pads, Kevlar lined vests and EvoShield shirts. Lockable travel gun case (stainless steel or heavy-duty fiberglass).
  • We have cleaning rods & patches; but please bring oil, choke tubes and accessories. Bring modified chokes, improved cylinders, or improved‐modified. Any gun cleaning equipment you might need.
  • Hearing protection: Earplugs.
  • Side carry shooting pouch for shells or shell vest. Bird boys can load for you if you want. Leather shooting gloves are an absolute must! Or you will have blisters!
  • All electricity is 220 in Argentina (European style). At the Lodge, we have converters for your 110 stuff like laptop computers, digital cameras, smartphones & tablets, electric razors, etc., but some hotels in Buenos Aires and airports do not.
  • Medication (most people have no stomach problems in this part of Argentina). Nevertheless, it’s a good idea, as when traveling anywhere, to take along medication for symptomatic relief.
  • Shaving kit: Mylanta, Advil (or preferred painkiller), Neosporin, Band‐Aids, vitamins, prescribed medication, etc.


Note: This list should be used as a reminder of things to bring. It is not necessary to bring all these items.



Come visit us at Sierra Brava Lodge and see for yourself why everyone says we have the best high-volume dove hunting in the world!

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