Finest and Premium Wine
Sierra Brava is one of the best dove hunting experiences a person can experience in Cordoba. We offer world-class high-volume dove shooting plus amazing friendly atmosphere at the lodge plus first-class food & wine. No wonder why Sierra Brava is hands-down and without question “the best bang-for-the-buck dove hunting lodge in Cordoba, Argentina”. One of the central reasons behind this claim attention and selection placed on food and wine by Sierra Brava’s two legendary owners: JJ & Topo (particularly Topo).
Finest and Premium Wine
Topo explains: “Without a doubt, I can tell you that the best beef in the world is found in Argentina. Most of the meat produced in our country is exported to some of the finest restaurants around the world. The beef you will taste in Sierra Brava comes from the best butchery in Cordoba. That finest meat in the Argentina come from the region we call Pampa Humeda (Humid Pampas, in English), a vast grassland area similar in size and scale to the Great Plains in central United State”. It’s here that cattle graze over seemingly endless pastures of the greenest and most organic kind, grown without any artificial fertilizer or chemical. Whenever Topo has a chance, he goes to Cordoba’s finest butchery to personally select and get the best cuts of meat available for Sierra Brava. What our clients experience at the lodge or at our lunches in the field is simply the best meat available in Cordoba. Since each guest has his or her own personal preference, it is the responsibility of a good cook (and good hosts as Topo and JJ) to consider each preference when offering the different cuts: very rare, rare – or juicy, medium, and well done. Pork and another local favorite, the cabrito, complete the grill podium in awesome fashion. A perfect meal goes hand in hand with a perfect Argentine wine, and there is no better wine to accompany a barbecue of red meats than a good red wine. The Malbec, Argentina’s finest wine ambassador to the world, is the most preferred red in Sierra Brava by far (although we also have Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah in stock). We are probably the only lodge in Cordoba producing a custom-made wine label to decorate our bottles of excellent Catena Zapata wines, one of the best wines produced in Mendoza, homeland of the Malbec. So now you know why food & wine are such an essential part of the service offered at Sierra Brava. We want to leave you guys with Topo’s best-kept cuisine secret: the Paloma Brava, one of Sierra Brava’s most famous dishes. Here is the recipe: 24 Dove breasts. 3 Onions, jullienne cut. 2 Red Pepper, jullienne cut. 5 Diced Tomatoes. 1 Can Whole Tomatoes. 3 Table Spoons of Olive Oil. Salt, Black Pepper, Cumin, Jalapeno, all to taste. “Topo’s Chimichurri” to taste. Place the cleaned dove breasts in a bowl and add Topo’s Chimichurri, and let marinate 1 hour. In a pot on low heat, add the olive oil, onions, salt and pepper to taste. Next add the breasts with the chimichurri sauce. Cook 5-7 minutes. Add the diced and canned tomatoes, and continue cooking for another 20-25 minutes. Season (and add japaleno) to your taste. Serve with mashed or boiled potatoes.
Enjoy your Paloma Brava!
Paloma Brava

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