Experience Mixed Bag and Dorado Fishing in our Santa Fe Lodge. This area is surrounded by dove roosts, crops and pasturelands only minutes away from waterfowl, which gives the hunters the possibility of combining extraordinary dove shooting with duck, perdiz and fishing.

The suggested program is a 5 days package, where on the first day you usually do dove hunting to practice and get loose- subject to arrival time at the Lodge. The following 3 days you duck hunt in the mornings, and in the afternoons you combine other game or fishing. The last morning you will be able to dove hunt and get ready for your return flight.

Example itinerary:

Day 1: Midday arrival at the Lodge. Dove hunt in the afternoon.

Day 2: Morning duck hunt + Dorado fishing or afternoon dove hunt.

Day 3: Morning duck hunt or perdiz + Dorado fishing or afternoon dove hunt.

Day 4: Morning duck hunt + Dorado fishing or afternoon dove hunt.

Day 5: Morning dove hunt.


Mixed Bag season:

  • Duck and Perdiz: May-August.
  • Dove and Fishing: year round.


  • Duck: 20 per hunt
  • Perdiz: 6-8 per hunt
  • Dove: Unlimited

Arrival to the lodge

  • Hunters must fly to Buenos Aires and take a quick connection to Santa Fe city where we pick you up and drive to the lodge.
  • Private charters fly straight to the lodge: please ask.


Enjoy your passion for big game hunting in our Moon Park Lodge. An exceptional destination located in Córdoba, surrounded by huge mountains, two major rivers going through out the entire area, deep ravines and a open and wide scenery.

Get ready to combine High Volume Dove Shooting and Big Game Hunting!

Big Game is hunted on horseback or by 4X4 truck with horseback being the preference. This is spot and stalk with your final approach on foot.

Example itinerary:

Day 1: Midday arrival to Cordoba Airport. Transfer to the lodge (1:15 drive). Half day afternoon shoot. Night at the lodge.

Day 2: Full day shoot (2 shoots). Night at the lodge.

Day 3: Full day shoot (2 shoots). Night at the lodge.

Day 4: Morning shoot. Afternoon departure to Big game Lodge.

Day 5: Full day Red Stag hunting.

Day 6: Full day Red Stag hunting .

Day 7: Full day Red Stag hunting.

Day 8: Full day Red Stag hunting .

Day 9: Departure to Cordoba International Airport.

Trophies and Seasons

  • Red Stag: Mid February- July

  • Fallow Dear: March- August

  • Mouflon, Multi-Horn, Blackbuck Antelope, Wild Goat, Pampa Mouflon, Texas Dall Ram, Wild Boar and Water Buffalo: year -round.

Arrival to the lodge

  • Hunters must fly to Cordoba International Airport where we pick you up and drive to the lodge.


Combine High Volume Dove Shooting with Duck visiting our Duck lodge located in Buenos Aires.

Argentina is certainly one of the best duck hunting destinations in the world. The easy access to the hunting grounds, the moderate climate, and the great quantity and variety of species guarantee the most reliable and steady duck hunt.

Example itinerary (7 days/6 nights)

(Please note this is an example itinerary. It can be customized according to your schedule and preferences)

Day 1:    Morning/Midday arrival to Cordoba Airport.  Transfer to Sierra Brava  (1:15 drive).  Half day afternoon Dove shoot.  Night at the lodge.

Day 2:    Full day Dove shoot (2 shoots).  Night at Sierra Brava.

Day 3:    Full day shoot. (2 shoots).  Night at Sierra Brava.

Day 4:    Morning departure to Cordoba Airport. Flight to Buenos Aires. Ground transfer to Duck Lodge. Night at Duck Lodge.

Day 5:    Full day duck hunt. Night at Duck Lodge.

Day 6:    Full day duck hunt. Night at Duck Lodge.

Day 7:    Transfer to airport for returnal flight.




Dove: Unlimited



We offer several options from which you can choose to customize your perfect trip. Every fishing trip is individually designed around each client. We specialize in custom itineraries based on your group’s wishes and budget.

The Tiger of the River: GOLDEN DORADO

This is the most exciting freshwater species in South America. It has Tarpon-like tendencies and is known for its aggressive strikes, finger-burning runs, acrobatic fights, and overall beauty

The aggressive nature of the Dorado, its spectacular leaping ability, fantastic strength and stamina has created the ultimate freshwater gamefish.

We are passionate about our country and the land and all it has to offer and we look forward to hosting you in Argentina. Contact us to discuss fishing in Argentina.



To experience the best trout fishing in Patagonia, Argentina it is imperative you know where to go and when. With our expertise, you will always be fishing a river during its peak and your personalized trip will match your preference.

Take the challenge. What are you waiting for?