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Over the course of many years, Cordoba has established a reputation of being the best location in the world for hunting doves. Everyone that visits Cordoba is amazed at the sheer numbers and flock sizes for high-volume dove hunting; as well as the fact that there are no shooting limitations imposed by the State and Local Authorities.Sierra Brava Lodge is located 15 minutes from the Macha roost, which is the largest dove roost in Cordoba. Over ten years ago, the dove population in Macha was estimated to be over 20 million and that number keeps increasing year over year. While guest hunters come from far and wide for the high-volume doves we have in the area, many of them also come for the challenge of shooting our fast and high altitude flying birds.The variety of dove hunting we offer at Sierra Brava Lodge is ideal covering over 160,000 exclusive acres of fields for our guests hunting pleasure.

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