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The Art of the Pigeon Hunting in Argentina

pigeon hunting in argentina

Beyond Argentina Dove Hunt: The Art of the Pigeon Hunting in Argentina

Most avid dove hunting aficionados are well aware of the long standing tradition and history of Argentina dove hunt.
Argentina dove hunt is world renowned, in part because of the sheer number of birds that can be found in a large swath of land in Cordoba, Argentina. However, a new bird hunting escapade is quickly taking hold as the new undisputed king of outdoor adventure: Pigeon hunting.

Any outdoorsman who has spent time Argentina dove hunting would be quick to tell you that they have seen their fair share of pigeon along the trails. While pigeon hunting has been practiced for decades, it is now finding an increase in interest and popularity.
Of all of Argentina, one location stands above all others for quality and quantity when it comes to pigeon hunting: Cordoba, Argentina. The Blue Rock Pigeon, also known as the Picazuro and the spotted wing Pigeon, or “pichon” in Argentina, tend to gather in the thousands, allowing for hunters to shoot their fill. Due in large part to the favorable climate, there are well over 20 million Pigeon in Cordoba, Argentina alone. Most hunters can expect to leave a day of pigeon hunting in Cordoba with at least 80 birds per session
Beautiful country side, over 9,000 acres of worth, along side a challenging hunt makes pigeon hunting in Cordoba, Argentina a special adventure. The ideal weather and climate has allowed the pigeon population to explode. For those who are looking to take on a new challenge and walk away from Argentina dove hunting, we say welcome: There is plenty of pigeon to go around.

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