Argentina Dove Hunting Sierra Brava
AUTHOR: Stuart Williams
NOTE: The book from Stuart Williams, “Wingshooting Argentina Past And Present”, will be forthcoming later in 2018.

Sierra Brava

Sierra Brava has been in operation for 17 years, this Estancia dates back to 1874. At that time it served as a boarding house and hitching post for pony express riders and mounted couriers, where they could get a badly needed night’s rest and food and fresh horses before continuing on their long way. Fast forward over 125 years and many extensive restorations and renovations and a vast upgrading in all services and amenities. Now Sierra Brava is an absolutely first-class dove shooting resort that leaves nothing to be desired. It offers luxury living, with 10 well-appointed double-occupancy suites with private bathroom and temperature control, swimming pool, Jacuzzi, sauna, massage, multiple social areas, indoor and outdoor bars, fire pit to while away Happy Hour most enjoyably, satellite tv, Wi-Fi, maid and laundry service, gourmet-quality cuisine, and magnificent views. Even though its amenities are ultra-modern, it still retains much of the flavor of its early origins. Sierra Brava started out as a dream long ago, held jointly by legendary dove outfitters, J.J. Sala, and master chef Topo Ravnik. They started out by acquiring the most desirable dove fields in that part of Cordoba and making many improvements over the years to the buildings. Now Sierra Brava offers amenities offered by few other dove lodges in Cordoba. The staff, led by Topo, offer very solicitous service, always seeking the well-being and satisfaction of their clients. What’s more, they do so at very reasonable rates. Dr. Prof. Topo Ravnik, the Grand Exalted Master of All Things Culinary, a.k.a. The Golden Guru of the Gastronomes, who has compiled a book of his best recipes, makes sure that the food is absolutely first rate. He also puts on cooking classes, in which he teaches non-shooting wives the mysteries of making empanadas, chimichurri sauce, dove ravioli, and more. Shooters dine in a large dining room, the walls of which are decorated with the names of guests who have achieved various levels of shooting accomplishment. For example, the 1000-Bird-a-Day Club, the 2000-Bird-a-Day Club, and so forth. Every evening after dinner, the names of those shooters who have achieved one of these rankings is read aloud and a certificate presented. The highest ranking that any guest has achieved is 14000 Birds a Day! 1000 birds a day is just a warm-up for the real thing. Some evenings after-dinner entertainment is provided by the Charlie Ruiz Duo. These guys play a wide variety of instruments, ranging from guitar, mouth harp, bongo, drums, to flute and violin, and they are terrific singers too. They do knock-em dead renditions of Argentine folksongs and hits by Simon and Garfunkel and the Beatles and John Denver and “La Bamba” and “Cucurucuru” and “Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina.”  When they have finished with “I Can’t Git No Satisfaction”, the good ol’ boys are whoopin’ and hollerin’ and rolling on the floor. It’s worth the long trip just to take in their show. Regrettably, they have no cd’s of their music, but maybe that will have changed by the time you get there. Drives to the shooting fields average, most of the year, 20—30 minutes, in very comfortable vans which are fully supplied with cold drinks. There is a large inventory of well-maintained Beretta and Benelli semi-automatic shotguns for shooters who do not bring their own. As a testimonial to the quality of the Sierra Brava experience, 121 reviewers on TripAdvisor awarded the resort an average 5-star ranking. The Cordoba International Airport is situated just 1 hour, 15 minutes away on hard-surface roads.

Get further information and bookings at [email protected]  213-263-3683. Shooters may also get complete information and bookings from Jeri Booth at Detail Company Adventures, Tel: 800-929-4868.

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