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F rom all of us here at Sierra Brava lodge, we'd like to say thank you to the countless hunters who visit our Cordoba dove hunting lodge. Year after year, our guests become our friends and we certainly look forward to seeing each and every one of you again!
If you haven't hunted with us before, we graciously invite you to join us for an Argentina dove hunting experience second to none. Make sure to check out our latest photos, videos and testimonials.

All the best, always JJ, Topo & the Sierra Brava team.


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F or years Sierra Brava's guests have been enjoying record-setting dove hunting in Cordoba. Despite access to the world's greatest dove hunting roost, guests seem to rave the most about Sierra Brava's staff. The service, food, wine and accommodations are as good as it gets for a hunting lodge, plus the prices are unbelievable, and unbeatable! Many numerous industry critics, hunting agencies and sportswriters will tell you that Sierra Brava receives more 5-STAR ratings than any other dove hunting lodge in Cordoba. Sierra Brava also offers pigeon hunting between the months of April through November.

Note: We close April 15th - May 15th for upkeeping purposes. * Rainfall rarely affects shooting. Most rains occur at night. On average, the shooting is only affected 5-10 days per year because of rain.


F rom the beginning Sierra Brava had access to the best fields in Cordoba thanks to personal relationships with local farmers.

Born and raised in Córdoba, JJ's and Topo's personal relationships gives Sierra Brava access to 160,000 acres of Argentina’s best dove hunting fields. The lodge is conveniently located only fifteen (15) minutes from the largest roost in Cordoba. This allows for short drives and access to fields where high-volume dove records are set. Sierra Brava holds the one-day individual record for most birds shot and the group record for birds shot over three (3) days.


E ven though hunters are blown away by the quantity and quality of the shooting, what sets Sierra Brava apart is its legendary service. Guests feel right at home at Sierra Brava.

The atmosphere is relaxed and fun. Our personal assistants are the fastest loaders around and are always up for a good laugh. The staff strives to make every Sierra Brava's dove hunt a trip of a lifetime reason why many hunters come back year after year. Food and wine at the lodge are first class. Sierra Brava offers famous Argentinean steaks, serving only the finest Argentinean wines. It’s what legendary hunting trips are made of.


Legendary Service and Amazing Value

> Legendary service.
> Guests feel right at home at Sierra Brava.
> Relaxed and fun atmosphere.
> Long-standing team with many years of experience.
> Food and wine at the lodge are first class!
> Mouth-watering steaks.
> The utmost professional staff in the industry.

Why guests keep coming back to Sierra Brava:

The Check List

> High-volume dove hunting. > Short 15-minute drives to the shooting fields. > Great lodge.High-volume dove hunting. > Amazing price. > Wonderful food with delicious wines. > New vehicles. > Good selection of guns. > Organized pre-trip planning.
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W hen considering dove hunting in Argentina, there’s “good”, and then there is Sierra Brava.

Sierra Brava is in a world-class league of its own. Located 1:10hs from Cordoba airport, the lodge is strategically located only 15 minutes from the heart of Argentina’s most desirable hunting region, the Macha roost. The 10-bedroom lodge was built in 1874 as a hitching post and boarding house for South American Pony Express riders. The lodge has undergone some incredible restorations and constant renovations.

We offer a beautiful balance between authentic old-world charm and modern luxury living.


S ierra Brava offers record-setting Cordoba dove hunting and legendary hospitality! We have split the season because of the demand of our clients. Please note the birds are plentiful all year round. The seasons were only created because of the travel schedules and weather preferences of our guests.

High-Season Prices


(Jan. 1 - Sept. 30)

Promo-Season Prices


(Oct. 1 - Dec. 31)

High-Season whole lodge


(Jan. 1 - Sept. 30)

Promo-Season whole lodge


(Oct. 1 - Dec. 31)

High-Season son/daughter (*) promo


(Jan. 1 - Sept. 30)

Dad/Mom pays full price, son/daughter comes free
* Sons/daughters must be 23 years old and under

Promo-Season son/daughter (*) promo


(Oct. 1 - Dec. 31)

Dad/Mom pays full price, son/daughter comes free
* Sons/daughters must be 23 years old and under

Payment Policy

A 50% deposit is required to reserve your requested hunt dates. Deposit is not refundable. Full payment is due 60 days in advance of your scheduled hunt. We recommend trip insurance, which we can provide (Inquire for updated rates). The acceptable methods of payment after arrival at the lodge for shells, gun rental, hunting license, and pro shop items are cash or personal checks. A 2.5% surcharge will be applied to US checks. These fees are what the local banks charge us, we regret any inconveniences.